Gila Hot Sauce Bottle (270g)

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Gila Hot Sauce Bottle (270g)

Gila Hot Sauce Bottle (270g)

Gila Hot Sauce Bottle

The Ultimate Dipping Sauce

Serving portion: 270 g

Looking for a delicious garlic dipping sauce to pair with your favourite foods? This chilli garlic hot sauce is made using sun-ripened chillies and garlic, creating an irresistibly power-packed flavor that is extremely spicy and brings the heat to your table.

We've added a touch of vinegar, rounded out by cane sugar, so that the end result is a balanced blend of flavours with our signature kick of spice. For those who enjoy the major sting of heat but love the taste of garlic first and foremost, take a dip into ILIPOT's Signature Gila Hot Sauce. 


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