Electrical Grill - Non-stick Fast-heating Durable-quality

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Electrical Grill - Non-stick Fast-heating Durable-quality

Electrical Grill - Non-stick Fast-heating Durable-quality

Serving size: 5-6 pax

Our new 6-Eater Electrical Stainless Pot is a multifunction grill that works well for sizzling, light frying, table-BBQ, & portable food warmer. With durable food grade PP outer protection, heat resistant handle and a thick glass cover to protect your hands, it is definitely a must-have grilling kit for your kitchen/getaway trip. By using high grade non-stick 3-layer coated tefal with honeycomb surface, specially designed to protect your food from the harsh flames while still providing excellent flavor. The honeycomb design drains excess juice, grease, or fat while allowing the heat to infuse the food with the smoky, grill flavor your guests crave. The adjustable temperature control allows for all levels of cooking, perfect for beginner-level homecooks and even professional michelin-star chefs.


*Comes with glass lid, 3-pin plug, food tong & scrub for easy cleaning after use

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