Set Keluarga 10

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Set Keluarga 10

Set Keluarga 10

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SET KELUARGA 10 (Feeds 10 Pax)

From Australian Lamb Slices to Smoked Duck Slices, this combo has thought it all for every picky eaters out there so you can have it all  


*Set includes:

Choice of 3 soup bases, Choice of marinade, 200g Australian Lamb Slices, 200g Tender Chicken Slices, 600g Premium Ribeye Beef Slices, 150g Smoked Duck Breast Slices, Full-portion (200g) Prawn Paste, King Prawns, Half-shell Scallops, Green Mussel, Crab Sticks, Fish Noodles, Cabbage, Onion, Corn, Broccoli, Enoki Mushroom, White Crab Mushroom, Seafood Tofu, Crab Nugget, Lobster Ball, King Crab Chunk, QQ Fish Filament, Cheese Cocktail Sausage, Cheese Fish Tofu, Thai Fish Cake, Bursting Prawn Balls, Bursting Chicken Fishball, Beef Meatballs, Chicken Meatballs, Fried Ring Rolls, Fried Beancurds, Ramen Noodle, Shabu-shabu Noodles, 4 x Jasmine White Rice, Gila Hot Sauce, Kicap Chili, Margarine

*Each order with set packages include Cooler bag, Cutlery & Accessories. [unless select otherwise]



3 Pilihan Sup, Pilihan Perapan, 200g Daging Kambing Hiris Australia, 200g Ayam Hiris, 600g Daging Hiris, 150g Smoked Duck Breast Slices, 200g Isi Udang, Udang Raja, Kerang Scallop, Kerang Mussel, Crab Sticks, Mee Ikan, Kobis, Bawang Holland, Jagung Segar, Brokkoli, Cendawan Enoki, Cendawan White Crab, Seafood Tahu, Naget Ketam, Bebola Lobster, King Crab Chunk, Fish Filament, Cocktail Sosaj Keju, Cheese Tauhu, Thai Fish Cake, Bebola Udang Berisi Telur Ikan, Bebola Ikan Berisi Ayam, Bebola Daging, Bebola Ayam, Puchuk Halus Ring Rolls, Puchuk Goreng, Mee Jepun Ramen, Yee Mee Halus, 4 x Nasi Wangi, Gila Hot Sauce, Kicap Chili, Margarine


*Setiap order dengan pakej set termasuk beg penyejuk , sudu & chopstick. [unless select otherwise]



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